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    I was surprised at how easy it was. Once I made the call, the agent took care of everything. It was nice to get the high payments off my back.

    - Carlos of California

    I liked how no one made me feel bad for getting into debt. They were very understanding. Everything was explained to me and I'm working towards a better place financially.

    - Maria in Florida

    The agent who called me spoke Spanish, which helped me to understand how the whole program works and what I should do next. She helped me to get my payment lowered, which has been a great relief.

    - Hugo in Texas

    I am very happy with this program! I couldn't make all the payments, and I was afraid of all the calls I keep getting. Things are so much better now. I'm still paying, but I'm now drowning in debt any more.

    - Paula in Seattle

    Thank you for your help! The agent was very nice and explained everything to me in Spanish. I was afraid at first because I had so much debt, but now everything seems better. I liked the agent and he was very kind.

    - Carmen in California

    I was embarrassed by my debts. But the agent who called me helped me to understand what to do to make things better. She didn't make me feel bad for getting the debt, and I'm glad I filled out the form.

    Joe in New York

    Very nice people. They helped me lower my payments. I didn’t have the money to declare bankruptcy, so I chose to do this instead. I’m glad because now I can pay off my debts.

    - Sam in California

    I filled out a form online and an agent called me that same day. Now I’m making one payment and I’m able to breathe without all the different payments I was making. I can even save a little

    - Pedro in California

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